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We can separate kitchen exhaust fans by the placement into two general groups which are overhead kitchen exhaust fans and downdraft kitchen exhaust fans. The overhead one is clearly more popular today but some still prefer downdraft ones. Letís see the pros and cons of both types of kitchen exhaust fans before you make the decision.

Overhead hood kitchen exhaust fan can considered to be the most effective kitchen exhaust fan.

Smoke, odor, heat and all pollution that suppose to be elminated by kitchen exhaust fan are always flow from below to the top. If you use the overhood kitchen exhaust fan, your house will be cleanest.

So, why not everyone just choose the overhead kitchen exhaust fan? The answers are two things, first, it is one of the most expensive fan among other types.

Therefore, even though overhead hood kitchen exhaust fan is the most effective type, it is not necessary for everyone due to its high price and complex installation. My recommendation is that if you don't plan to cook a lot or if your kitchen area has a good ventilation system already e.g. it is seperate from other area.

In conclustion, choose other type of kitchen exhaust fan if.

1. If you are not a heavy cook, you do not need to use this type of fan.

2. If you are not ready with the complication of overhead hood exhaust fan installation. no need to use it. it is complicate to install because you need to put it up high and you need to lay the duct pipe from the ceiling through attic and the roof.

3. If you cannot install or not confident to do the†kitchen exhaust fan installation†by yourself,

4. If you cannot bare with the cost of installation, maintenace and disposal. They can be very high or at least higher than other type of kitchen ehxuast fan


The overhead kitchen exhaust fans are much more effective because air and smoke from your cooking activity is naturally flow up. The overhead fans can suck that air and smoke much more effectively. Also, it is better if your kitchen is small. The overhead fans can save your space while the downdraft cannot.

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