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Make up air
Kitchen Exhaust Fan

I write up this article about kitchen exhaust fan make up air seperately because I want to hightlight how importance the make up air is.

You need to think about make up air even before you make the decision where to put the fan. The make up air is important but yet people always overlook.

Improper make up air can cause you a real disaster. The smallest case could be uncomfortable living in the area nearby kichen exhaust fan. The worst part is that it can cause you a fire!

What is make up air for kitchen exhaust fan.

The main job of kitchen exhaust fan is to suck bad air from your home. However, the fan cannot judge which one are the bad air so it will just suck all the air from your place.

It means, if you do not have the good air to replace the one that was taken away by the exhause fan, you will lost all the air. This is what we call make up air.

What are the impacts

The worst of not having enough make up air is that the kitchen exhaust fan will continue sucking the air.

It will start to suck from the dangerous area such as chimney or dryers etc.

Imagine that if the fresh air was sucked down, it will not go through the chimney to the top but will go down and pass all those heat and fuel or even fire in the chimney.

It can be extremely dangerous. Your house can be on fire.

Other thing should be that your kitchen exhaust fan will be overused. The fan will have to run harder and faster and it will shorten the usage life of your kitchen exhaust fan.

The last thing that will happen is that you will feel uncomfortable when staying in your house or nearby the fan.

So, how to prevent them?

Have an open way for kitchen exhasut fan to let the make up air in. Make sure those are not connected with dangerous or possible hazard such as chimney or dryers. The simplest way is to open the nearest kitchen window when using kitchen exhaust fan.

Ensure you choose the right exhaust fan. As mentioned in the previous part (how to choose kitchen exhause fan) that we do not need the most powerful exhause fan, we need the one that fit with your need. If you don't have enough make up air in your kitchen area. Do not buy the big one.


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