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How to Install
Kitchen Exhaust Fan

First of all, will not tell you the step by step instruction of how to install kitchen exhaust fan because each exhaust fan have different approach to install. At least they are not exactly the same.

If you want to see some example, you can find them on our example VDO clips here.

The best reference for your installation is the installation guide in the box provided by manufacturere when you buy it.

We will just remind you the following factors you need to concern before you install a kitchen exhaust fan.

1. Follow the installation guide.

The best document you should follow is the installation guide from manual in the box when you first buy your kitchen exhuast fan.

Please follow the instruction clearly and strictly. Consult from your neighbors who has experienced people if you are not confident to do. If you don't find installation guide in the box, contact sellers immedietly

2. Do not adjust anything from the original.

Many like to adjust the duct length to fit with your space and end up using an ineffective fan. Usually, manufactures already design and calculate everything to be fully utilized.

The duct length is related to amounf of air it can suck or contain in the fan. If you cut the duct, kitchen exhaust fan might be overused and broken in a shorter period of time.

3. Have all tools ready before starting installation.

It can be a mightmaire when you find that you don't have a fit screwdriver after you dig the hole on your roof. You don't want to leave the hole open, climb down from the roof, drive to hardware store so ensure you have everything ready before you start the kitchen exhaust fan installation.

Conclusion: Follow the installation guide strictly, do not modify anything from the original and have all the tools ready before you start.


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