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How to Clean
Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Cleaning kitchen exhaust has nothing special or complicate.

First, you have to turn off the fans and unplug it and remove covers and dissemble other possible parts including filters. Do not force any parts that cannot be moved easily or you are not sure how to dissemble, otherwise, you might break it.

Read an instruction if provided. Then you can clean all the parts depending on the type of materials or usage.

For example, the fan part, there should be quite an amount of grease stick on the fan. You should prepare some heavy cleaner to apply on it. Do not use a hard brush on the softer surface.

Your kitchen exhaust fan will be scratched.

After complete cleaning and drying all parts, you can re-assemble it back. Be sure it tights and in a correct shape.

The most important thing is that you should clean the kitchen exhaust fan every once in a while. The dirt and grease can reduce effectiveness of the fan but the most dangerous thing is that grease on the fan is a good fuel for fire.

I have my own experiences from my old house.

We did not cook a lot so we did not pay any attention on cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan. One day, we want to use it and our fan turn to be a permanent piece of junk on our kitchen wall.

It produced a terrible noise with ridiculously low sucking capability. In that case, we prefer to just dispose it rather than let it stick on our wall.

Believe me. Do not leave it too much and too long on any part of your kitchen exhaust fan. Otherwise, you will end up buying a new one or having a useless kitchen exhaust fan in your house.


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