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How to Choose the right
Kitchen Exhaust Fan

3 easy factors you have to think about when you choose kitchen exhaust fans are Type / Size and Price.

1. Type

If you have a small house, you may consider a wall mount fans or ceiling kitchen exhasut fan.

The good thing is that you can safe space for somethingelse but the wall mount and celing ones might be more difficult to install, clean and dispose. Sometimes, it is proved to be smaller in power.

These kinds of thing you will have to think about when you choose the type of exhaust fan. Don't choose from the design only. If you don't maintain it properly, it will look dirty anyway.

2. Size

After you decide which type of kitchen exhaust fan to use in your house, you will have to measure the size properly.

Have a clear image where you want to put the kitchen exhaust fan in your kitchen. You should measure al possible dimension and note down before going to the hardware shop and get consult with the sellers so they can provide you more precious information.

3. Price

Of course everyone want the best product but price is always the main concern. You don't always need to buy the most expensive in town if you plan to cook once or twice a month.

On the other hand, do not try to unnessarily save money with the less effective kitchen exhaust fan if you are a heavy user. You will end up losing more money or even you have to buy a new one only a short period of time.

Other than those factors, you may consider buying from reliable manufacturers or get some advices from reliable sources who have experience that which brands are / are not good.


All the factors together will surely give you the best kitchen exhaust fan. Not the best in town but the best fit for you

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