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Downdraft Kitchen Exhaust Fan

the downdraft kitchen exhaust fans are easier to install, maintain and even dispose. Moreover, it is easier to clean the fans. You can ask your kids to do it anytime.

If you want to clean the overhead type you may have to wait for your husband to be available during the weekend, or even long weekend. Even though it could be less effective, if you donít require a huge capacity, the downdraft one could be your good choices.

What is Downdraft Kitchen Exhaust Fan?

Downdraft Kitchen Exhaust Fan is simply opposite of updraft kitchen exhaust fan. The easy way to explain is that updraft fan sucks the air up but downdraft type pull the air down.

Since air, smoke, odor and steam are natually flow up, we can say that the updraft fan type is way more effective than the downdraft type.

However, it is not possible in some kitchens to install the updraft type because it has a low ceiling or not enough space for an overhead hood.

Therefore, downdraft type can be used.

For someone, downdraft kitchen exhaust fans doesn't make the kitchen look awkward. Updraft kitchen exhaust fan can look like a big piece of metal hanging in the middle of your kitchen. If you really don't like, it can be a real visual pain.

Downdraft Kitchen Exhaust Fan installation

For a downdraft installation, you might think the downdraft type is easier to install, maintain and dispose

because you don't have to make a big hole on your ceiling and attic through the roof top like what you have to dwith a complicate updraft kitchen exhaust fan.

But from my experiences, there are some complication to install downdraft exhaust fan as well. Even though you don't have to put the duct through the ceiling, you have to pass exhaust fan duct through the floor.

You should also have to install the downdraft exhaust fan as close to the stove or cabinet as possible to allow the fan to pull the air, odor, steam as effective as possible as well.

Otherwise, they will be scattered away from the exhaust fan to the whole house.

Downdraft and Updraft -- What to choose?

Many have given up the downdraft kitchen exhaust fan after a while and turn to an updraft kitchen exhaust fan instead due to its quality limitation.

I would suggest that if you don't have space limitation in your kitchen, choose the updraft kitchen exhaust fan instead the downdraft ones.


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